Blow-It Out yer Asses...

...All Of You!

What the Fuck? I see from the web faggot fairy that a shitload of you humps come to this interweb page and leave like the chicken fuckers you are. Nobody emails me or send me pictures of retarded friends and fat relatives. WHAT THE FUCK?!
That's oKay though because i've been building something special for election day in Appleton- and it Ain't a campaign sign.

you will ALL pay!! you rectum lovin retards have no respect for a veterinarian of 3 world wars? Fuck You!

... and I picked this lettering color because it reminds me of the goop that came out of Klem Klemston's ears on the 33rd turn of the vice handle.
I call this color 'turdy turd' hahaha get it!? fuck you!


Go Suck a blow hole,
Little Brother...
... ya Whiny Fuck!

Cliff Yablonski

Cliff Yablonski Hates You on the faceboook

Matt Grillo- My Fist wants your Teeth Back!